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Welcome to Central Coast Bears Online in 2004

The site dedicated to helping the Bears return to it's rightful place in the NRL premiership on the Central Coast of New South Wales.

Hey NRL ... Where's MY team?


Latest News

27/02/04 - Daily Telegraph: Singo bullish over Bears NRL hopes

26/02/04 - Central Coast Herald Singo puts his submission on the table for the CC team to the NRL tomorrow Friday. Plans for a Central Coast team in the National Rugby League will be vastly superior to a rival bid from the Gold Coast. Russell Tate, representing the John Singleton-led consortium behind the Central Coast team bid, said yesterday that while the Gold Coast has a reasonable case for a team of it's own in the NRL it's case was not as compelling as ours. The Central Coast's case is a structured, well-though-out plan that is totally funded and totally viable, Mr Tate said. The issues of financial support, the 20,000-seat capacity of Central Coast stadium and support for rugby league in the region are believed to be the key features of the Singleton bid. Mr Tate said exact details of the local bid would not be revealed publicly until they were presented to the NRL board and league chief David Gallop on Friday. Financial support is a fact' Mr Tate said. It is not something that may or may not come from sponsors and crowds-Singo has already put the money on the table, Support for rugby league in the region has not waned he said. You only have to look back to last saturday night when nearly 11,000 people turned up (at Central Coast stadium) to watch Souths and Wests in a trial, Mr Tate said. They're not really teams expected to do that well this year, but an extraordinary amount of people still turned up to see them. But in remains apparent that a Central Coast team in the NRL will only come about through the demise of an existing club or expansion of the competition by the NRL Mr Gallop maintains that the latter won't be considered before 2006. John Singeleton, who will join the consortium when it meets the NRL on Friday, insists that the NRL should stop-sitting on its hands and make a decision about the competition's expansion. Following a recent meeting with Rupert Murdoch-whose company News Ltd has interests in the NRL - Mr Singleton said commonsense must prevail in regard to a Central Coast NRL franchise" While he said the league should be looking at expansion now and not in two or three years time' he also identified six clubs vulnerable to losing their licence including the News Ltd-owned Melbourne storm. Melbourne has no support only about 6000 people watch the games' it's not given any coverage, no radio airplay and no Foxtel subscribers, Mr singleton said. It's a folly. We have the money in the bank the ground, the junior player base and we'll get the best coach available. We could have sell-outs every game if we can get the right to a franchise.

3/12/03 - T-Shirts On Sale! "Central Coast Bears - Where's My Team?" t-shirts are now on sale. E-mail Ros Dare for more details!

3/12/03 - Media Tipping Gold Coast to Get 16th Licence. It would appear that a 16th team is almost certain to be introduced into the NRL in 2006. However the media are reporting that the Gold Coast are most likely to get the nod. Their reasoning for this is unclear, as the Central Coast option, with it's private backer, is clearly a more viable option. The NRL are perhaps hoping that one of the current 15 teams could re-locate to the Central Coast. However, do to the agreement with the North Sydney Bears, such a team would not be able to receive any assistance from John Singleton.

1/07/03 - Flo calls for Rules to be Followed. Bears CEO Greg Florimo has called for the NRL to expand, or ensure that existing clubs play by the rules, in his latest article in the North Shore Times. "If the powers at be decide there is no need for expansion, then their needs to be an immediate inquiry into the existence of present clubs who are still in arrears in player payments. The criteria for clubs to operate in this years competition are still in force yet some clubs are wilfully flaunting the rules and should be apprehended" Florimo said. The current troubles at Manly are proving just how ridiculous it is that a proposal with such financial stability, as Singo's Central Coast Bears one, can be continually ignored by the NRL.

"At North Sydney, they used to say There's Always Next Year. But these days, you can never guarantee that!" Ross Pitman - Central Coast Bears resident and Bears Loyalist

Why should the Central Coast have their own side in the NRL?
There are so many reasons why the Central Coast must have a proper representation in the NRL.

  • It's the biggest growth area in Australia
  • It's rugby league mad !
  • Central Coast Exppress Advocate Stadium is one of the best Rugby League grounds in Australia. It was made for Rugby League, and use in the NRL competition
  • The team has the potential to be as big and successful as Newcastle... if not more         

    Souths Supporters weren't the only supporters who felt betrayed ....they were just more vocal

" .. It's a Natural ... a lay down misere ... A team here in Gosford would as good as Newcastle ... This Club can make money at NorthPower Stadium ..." Successful businessman John Singleton

Disclaimer: This site has not been endorsed by the NRL, ARL, NSWRL, the North Sydney Football Club, the North Sydney Leagues Club or Mr John Singleton. Any logos and "mock" promotional material on this site are fictional and should be treated as such.